Pandora’s Birthday

Wow, time really flies when you’re a puppy. I celebrated my first birthday this week and I couldn’t be happier to finally be 1 years old. I can’t believe I’m really a whole year old now!!! I had such a fun day I played with my 6 month old neighbor, Murphy all day! It was our first time playing and let me tell you…it was a blast. I got some cute new toys and a cake too!! The cake was a Carob Peanut Butter Pup-Pie.


This is my reaction to the yummy cake……




Spring is here

So far we’ve been slacking on our blog but we promise to update you on some of the pug commercials and other media we’ve seen. Also we have been trying out different parks and have discovered some more really cool spots.

Winter is gone no more snow!!!! Bring on the flowers



Pandora’s First Winter


I am 8 months old and as I get used to my surroundings I must admit, I HATE WINTER!!
I weigh about 11 pounds and this subzero cold is terrible!!


This is the 12 inches of snow that was on our porch.


This was me 2 minuets later running for shelter after quickly peeing.

All I do is cuddle because going outside even to go potty it’s too cold. Here is an update of what the past 3 days have been like for me.


This was the humans attempt at making us warm outside…it didn’t work and as you can see Penelope and I are not pleased at the thought of going in the tundra!!!

Then this is me the other 23 hours of the day, doing what I do best….CUDDLING.




The Nut Job


Has anyone else watched the trailer for the new Will Arnett Movie, The Nut Job? It comes out January 17th  and we’re looking forward to the premiere. And this is the reason why…

It stars this pug


photo 1

If it weren’t for the fact that pug’s aren’t allowed inside movie theaters we’d be there for the premiere. Can’t wait for it to come out though thanks Will Arnett always know how to make us laugh!!